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Tile Roofs

In California, tile roofs are frequently seen across many homes. Whether your home style is traditional or modern, there are a variety of tile roof choices like clay, concrete, and slate. Not only are tile roofs stylish, but also they are extremely durable.

When installed properly, tile roofing can last for over 100 years and they can withstand hail, high winds, and even fire. And because tile roofing is so durable this means that it requires minimal maintenance. Tile roofing helps you save money in a variety of ways including reducing energy costs.

Tile roofs are thick materials that have a gap under the titles. This blocks the sun’s heat from transferring to your attic. As a results, your reliance on air conditioning reduces.


Tile Roof Advantages

Various Types of Tile Roofing Choices

Tile roofing offers a variety of choices in color and material. Whether you are looking for clay tile roof or Spanish tile roof there are a lot of options than can fit your home.

Long Lasting

A lot of home owners choose tile roofing because of the durability. They can last for a lifetime and can withstand high winds and fire.

Energy Saving

Tile roofs help block the sun’s heat from transferring into the attic. This can help maintain a pleasant indoor temperature inside your home and lower air conditioning costs.

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