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Roofing Repairs

Most roofs have an average lifespan of 20 years. We understand that weathering, overloading, and accidents will eventually assist in deteriorating your roof over time. Our team specializes in repairing broken, splitting, curling, and lifting shingles. Due to normal aging, some shingles will even tend to shrink. We’ve got you covered.

During winter, leaks are very common and we have the right tools to help you. Most leaks show signs of other problems with your roof and we are always sure to perform a full detailed roof analysis. We also see many cases of damaged gutters in the winter. We provide gutter repairs as well as maintenance to ensure your gutter is working properly in the future.

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Types Of Repairs

Leak Repairs

Whether you are dealing with a small or large leak, it is always important to contact a roof specialist immediately. Leaks can often show signs of many other roofing problems, which our team can help diagnose. 

Shingle Repairs

Most residential roofs use shingles, which are tough materials capable of  withstanding UV, heavy rain, and high winds. Mother nature will always take a toll over time, but we have you covered with our repair services.

Gutter Maintenance & Repairs

The obvious point of a gutter is to catch water. Unfortunately, water is not all they seem to collect. Gutters collect insects, leaves, twigs, you name it. That is why we recommend cleaning 2 – 4 times per year. If you do not maintain your gutter, it may lead to clogged drains. This can pile up water and in turn result in roof rotting. 

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